Google’s Webmaster Academy  – For a complete understanding of  best practices  and guidelines to what Google favors, take this course detailing the dos and don’ts of creating a good website that Googlebots crawl and index properly, and which the search engine favors in rankings. Albeit somewhat advanced for a beginner, it will introduce you to the more technical aspects of optimization – some of which you will need to deal with yourself. The  Google Webmaster Academy was first launched in 2012  to help beginner webmasters learn how to improve their website. The lessons included tips on getting a website into Google’s index, understanding Google Webmaster Tools, and providing useful information about content (images, videos, and so on) to search engines. The articles were organized into modules, and included links to more in-depth articles if webmasters wanted to dive deeper into a specific topic. Learning about Google, web development, and SEO works is important for clients, reseller

Google Algorithm

    As a search engine optimizer it is imperative you understand how search engines work. In general, you will probably be working with Google, Yahoo! and Bing search engines, but if you target different international markets, you might be dealing with Yandex, Baidu, and other SEs as well.   Understanding how search engines work, what crawling and indexing mean, and how SEO’s practices must adapt to these algorithms. How Search Works  – Google created this visual story that makes it really easy to understand how search, crawling and indexing work. It gives important cues on how Google extracts information from their index in order to provide you with results they think will be most relevant for the queries you enter. Inside Search  – Check this out for more accurate and detailed information on how search works, what algorithms are and what they do, and how Google works to fight spam in order to give you only the most relevant, freshest results. The page also leads you to their Webmaste
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Best Domain Rating Services. Increase Ahref DR, Buy DR+90, DR +80, DR +70
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